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Today is a very special day.

Exactly four years ago, Victoria and I began our journey as a couple.  At that point, I lived in Oklahoma working in consumer banking and she was finishing her PhD in Texas.  We had no idea what our future held, but we were such good friends that we knew we wanted to experience it together.

Archie & Victoria

One thing that we were always super open with each other about was our personal finances.  In fact, it was something that we obsessed over.  We both prided ourselves on being financially responsible people.  Both of us owned our own homes, had emergency funds in place, and had established retirement accounts that many millennials simply don’t understand or care to think about.

In those four years of dating, Victoria and I did everything we could to stretch our budget.  I took a new job to move closer to her and took a pay cut in the process, so it was even more important for us to be financially mindful.  She was still a full-time student and was only able to work part time hours as she decided to pile on PA (Physician Assistant) school to her already impressive education resumé.  We made a lot of great money decisions… and made some critical mistakes throughout the process.

Time flew by, as it always does, and now we’re preparing for our latest adventure: Marriage

As if that weren’t enough to be on the plate for 2017, Victoria and I also decided that we wanted to turn an idea into reality and start TheMillenniaires.

We are not CFPs, CPAs, or lawyers.  We are not millionaires.


We do however own two homes, have absolutely no student loan debt, carry zero balances on credit cards, have 800+ credit scores, and a clear financial budget that we update and address frequently.  Why am I telling you this?  Because we want to help you feel the same financial comfort that we have worked hard to achieve.

Through articles published weekly here at TheMillenniaires, we will share our secrets to success.  Nothing here is a ‘Get Rich Quick’ plan as those schemes simply do not work.  We also have a commitment to you that we will only recommend something if we truly believe in its ability to help you.  We hope you find the content of our site to be informational, educational, and extremely helpful.

So… Whether you’re a Millennial, Gen Xer, Baby Boomer or beyond, buckle up and bookmark us.  You can also follow us on Twitter & Facebook.